Choc'late Lovin' Spoon Cake (1 Count)

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A giant mouthful of chocolate pudding between two layers of dark, moist, chocolate drenched chocolate cake.


Ingredients: Sugar, Chocolate [unsweetened chocolate (processed with alkali), sugar, cocoa butter, milk fat, whole milk powder, nonfat dry milk, dextrose, soy lecithin, vanilla, natural vanilla extract], Milk, Water, Eggs, Wheat Flour, Margarine [soybean oil, palm oil, water, salt, mono & diglycerides, nonfat dry milk, sunflower lecithin, natural flavor, vitamin A palmitate, beta carotene], Sour Cream [cultured cream, nonfat milk, enzymes], Butter, Evaporated Milk [milk, vitamin D3], Cream, Glucose, Cocoa [processed with alkali], Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Coffee, Salt, Baking Powder [sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate], Sunflower Lecithin.
Contains: Egg, Milk, Soy, Wheat.

Defrosting/Handling Tips

Whole Cake:
Defrost under refrigeration 24 hours in the box

Individual Slices:
Defrost under refrigeration 3 hours (covered).
Defrost at room temperature Not Recommended.

With a serrated knife

Shelf Life

Holds best when kept covered in cooler, away from the door and from foods with strong odors.

Frozen: 18 months
Under Refrigeration: 4 days (must be covered)
Ambient: Not Recommended

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  • Posted by Mary Ann TAckett on Oct 5th 2016

    The one and only chocolate cake. I called Marriott Restaurant where we had this cake at a dinner. The best cake I have ever put in my mouth, bar none.

  • Posted by Maddie on Apr 24th 2016


  • Posted by Bev Van Zandt on Mar 8th 2016

    My husband and I had this cake when he was in the hospital in Denver. I called food services and begged them to give me the name of their supplier. This cake is insanely good and was definitely the highlight of what was a not so pleasant hospital stay. I got one for Christmas dessert. Everyone was amazed at how yummy it is.

  • Posted by Jo Ann on Feb 3rd 2016

    I tasted this the first time at a luncheon and had to know what it was. I ordered one and my family enjoyed it just as much. Every cake I've received has been as incredible as the first. Every bite as amazing. I keep this one for special occasions because I never want it to be just another Chocolate Lovin' Spoonful cake. I would never find a replacement !

  • Posted by Chrose1201 on Mar 14th 2015

    I was a finishing master at Sweet Street for a bit over a year. I can tell you that not only is everything 100% wholesome but delicious! The Spoonful cake, you can't imagine the hard work that goes into making it. It really is laborious. But I can promise you it will be the best chocolate cake you have ever tasted! If you have the opportunity try the other items too. I can promise you it really is the best!!

  • Posted by Jessica on Apr 28th 2014

    This is the most delicious cake I have ever tasted! I order this every time we go to our favorite Italian restaurant.

  • Posted by Mona on Nov 4th 2013

    This is the best choc cake.... Actually melts in your mouth!

  • Posted by mabelle on Sep 1st 2013

    love at the first taste ... i begged the owner of the restaurant to sell me the whole cake ... im so happy love to share it with family and friends .. you wont be sorry.

  • Posted by Abby on Aug 21st 2013

    This cake is sold in the restaurant at the hotel that I work at. A guest requested it and told me it was good, and after trying it myself I was HOOKED! It's truly the most rich, delicious chocolate cake I've ever had, and coming from a family of bakers- that says a lot! Definitely worth the price!